Monday, March 3, 2014


{ The 86th Annual Academy Awards }

Here we are again! Another Oscar night has come and gone, and all we're left with is the memory of gowns, gratitude, selfies and the pizza party we all wish we were invited to. Overall my feeling about this year's red carpet looks was... Safe. Right? There were few risky looks, a lot of solid colors, blush tones and black. 

Of course, there were a few stunners, so let's just get right into it. Click through below and let's debate the safe, the stunning and the still very pregnant looks from the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

1. Lupita Nyong'o in custom Prada: Of course. This was the gown of the evening. It is perfect. The icy blue color against her skin, the movement, the whole effect is just lovely, is it not? I have no problem with this whatsoever, and she is my pick for best-dressed of the night. However (and it's just a little however) with that bod and that smile and her track record for nailing it consistently all awards season, couldn't we have stood for something a little riskier? And maybe the headband is just okay? What about a necklace? Anyway, there's no sense in splitting hairs over something so pretty, so I'm done.

2. Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive: I would have given this an undisputed two thumbs up, if I hadn't read this blurb on Go Fug Yourself just now. While this is Armani Prive stunning, flattering, gorgeous and amazing—we've basically seen it before. Right? This kind of dress (embellished champagne nude) is always a slam dunk, so like, don't we want a little more from the woman who wore this in 2011? Again, not worth splitting hairs over; along with Lupita, this will go down in best-dressed Oscars history for sure.

3. Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace: Swoon! True, the cape moment will forever be owned by Gwyneth in Tom Ford, but this silvery gown on Kate Hudson is just fantastic. There were a lot of plunging v-neck moments at the Oscars this year, and I have to say I love it. This is glamorous, fits like a dream and not surprising at all for K. Hud. so Brava / of course.

4. Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein Collection: Like Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts wasn't nominated for anything but decided to show up like, "Watch and learn, amateurs." In my book, she surpassed most of them, too. You all know I love a cap sleeve and a crewneck so of course I am over-the-moon for this, and would also get married in it. (Not unlike this Taylor Swift moment.) Plus, she gets bonus points for the geometric shapes in her necklace echoing those on her clutch.

5. Olivia Wilde in Valentino: "We are wearing Valentino," a very pregnant Olivia Wilde told Ryan Seacrest. And boy are they. I never would have recommended that someone try a mock-neck at the Oscars, but here it is and how effing chic does she look? This gown has a fun white panel and train in the back that ties in with the earrings and bag, and just like, yes. I'd also like to request that her makeup artist come over and do my eyeliner this weekend. 

6. Anne Hathaway in Gucci: Listen, I'm surprised, too. I am not Hathaway's biggest fan, but this Gucci situation is good. And it's good on her. A little edgy, super-sparkly and a very welcomed step away from that Prada fail in which she accepted her Oscar last year. 

7. Joseph Gordon Levitt (in Calvin Klein) and Emma Watson in Vera Wang: You guys, what if they dated? I know this isn't a real thing at all, but seeing them on stage together was a treat and a tease. I like Emma Watson's look, but I don't love it. She's young and stylish and so I think she's smart to try different things with her hair and silhouette choices. It was no "surprise pants" look, but seeing these two together cemented my approval of her gown choice, and I really want the top half for myself.  

8. Honorable mentions for Portia de Rossi in Naeem Khan, Sarah Paulson in Elie Saab, and Sally Hawkins in Valentino Couture: All these ladies looked exceptional, and I just can't deny my heavy favoritism for a long-sleeve gown. While the sleeves on Sally Hawkins' Valentino were too long for such a formal event, I really (really) enjoy that look (minus the hair and weird smile.)

Okay now let's talk, who made your best-dressed list?


  1. 100% agree with all of your pics. need that icy blue prada somehow.


  2. Lupita was perfection as she always is. And I totally agree with your sentiment about Emma and Josh Gordon! The second they stepped out I thought, oh that would be a great couple.

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