Wednesday, February 26, 2014


"Are you looking for a black shoe? Tell me about this. Why a black shoe?"

This is what Sarah Jessica Parker is asking me as I model before her a rather sexy pair of black patent leather heels from her SJP Collection. I reply, "I'm always looking for a black shoe."

A selection of editors and press were invited to the SJP x Nordstrom pop up this morning to preview and shop Sarah Jessica Parker's new shoe line before it becomes available later this week. I showed up planning to snap a few photos, perhaps eat a tea sandwich and then be on my way. Instead, I spent the better part of 35 minutes chit-chatting with and trying on various styles of shoes for Ms Parker herself.

Let me back up. After a little bit of aimless wandering and ogling, a dapper salesman approaches and tells me, "You can just call me Q." He brings me said pair of sexy black patent heels to try. They're called the Diana. "You should show her. Ask her what she thinks." He means Sarah Jessica. He escorts me through the small and stylish crowd, and we wait a bit.

Can I just tell you, she is as lovely, gracious, talkative and excitable as the fictional Carrie Bradshaw. (And so very petite, clearly!) Once we zero in on the black shoe thing she asks, "Have you tried the Carrie? You have to try the Carrie." Go figure, she's playing favorites with the shoe named after her famed character.

Q retrieves the Carrie—in black, naturally. I get up to step around in it, and like a mirage, there is SJP next to me, asking how they fit and remarking that she likes them better because, "They feel so much more special." She's right. I feel like a million bucks as I tower over her in the dainty, t-strap pumps. (See above.) They are fiercely pointed but surprisingly comfortable. I feel balanced and poised. "They're running a half-size too big though, try the next one down. Can you get her the half size down?"

As I await my new size, I am promptly scolded by PR for interrupting her interview flow but it is no matter. I am high on everything that she is saying. She touched my foot! She cares about me! I think we're really friends!

The correct size of the Carrie is indeed better. As I pivot before the mirror, I'm falling in love. Suddenly, she's back. "Seeee," she coos. "Aren't they amazing? How do you like them?" I tell her that they are amazing and that I love them. She tells me I have to get them. Q tells me I have to get them. 

I got them.

*This was a press opportunity extended through my day job at Lifestyle Mirror, but I just had to share it here! I also selected a few of my favorite SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker shoes below, now that they're available to shop! (She was wearing these in green, by the way.)



  1. Such an amazing story! I, too, have had the pleasure of meeting SJP and she is such a lovely person whose kindness lights up any room.


  2. How FUN! She is very wee, isn't she?

  3. How do you even stand in those? With shoes like that, I would be surprised if someone didn't have to carrie you out of there.

    Seriously though, SJP? Let's have some cosmos later..


  4. This is such an ultimate NYC moment!! Thanks for sharing the story. So much fun!

  5. This is incredible - I love it! What an amazing moment! Great pic as well :)

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  6. Chris - @nylonlover69 on TwitterFebruary 27, 2014 at 9:07 AM

    Woohoo! Great story and love that you shared it with us!

  7. GAHHHHHH!!!!! How amazing is this experience! WOW!!

    I felt like I was there, the way you wrote it :D Sooo cool and the photo is AWESOME.

    Nice shoes, btw ;)

  8. So jealous! Lucky thing. Not only do you have beautiful new shoes, you always have an insanely cool story to tell about how you got them everytime you wear them.

  9. Shut the front door! Shoe shopping with SJP is up there on my lifelong dream list! Gorgeous shoes my dear, and with a story - even better!