Tuesday, January 14, 2014


{ So white, so right. }

Isn't it always the luck that some of the most covetable things in fashion are the most impractical? Take, for example, anything and everything white. A perfect white coat, ivory stiletto pumps, a wedding gown, you get what I mean. At the moment, my impractical fixation is on white handbags. I honestly cannot resist their clean, fresh appeal. Already I'm envisioning how it will turn blue when it rubs against my jeans and is practically begging to have red wine and coffee dripped all over it's lovely leather... and yet. 

From structured totes to cool buckets and satchels, I found quite a few white bags at every price point. A big top-handle bag would be perfect for feeling like a boss at the office, wouldn't it? No one messes with the lady who carries the white bag. Naturally the slouchier bags make me think of a very luxe boho outfit for weekend adventures. Above, Jenna Lyons and Hanneli make a very stylish case for the little crossbody in pearly white...

Are you as into white bags as I am?


  1. Love a white bag, except it's so difficult to keep them clean! I'm obsessed with that sweater in the bottom right hand corner.


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