Tuesday, January 28, 2014


super bowl style

{ Go Hawks! }

After my outburst of fandom for the Seattle Seahawks last week, I wondered if I'd be able to keep the momentum going for another two weeks until the Super Bowl. As it turns out I'm still totally wound up and even a little nervous. This is both for the players and for my party plans, naturally. This is the first time I've really cared about the Super Bowl in years, but I have always loved a good Super Bowl party.

What to wear to a Super Bowl party has never really been an issue for me, beyond figuring out something that's sort of cute and will be comfortable while sitting on a couch for four hours consuming beers and snacks. This year, naturally, I want that same comfort but with a little spirit thrown in. I've gathered some basics and accessories that would make up an ideal watching party outfit, from white jeans (my beloved Paige Skylines, naturally) to a great navy sweater and an easy little white bag. Usually I'm pretty anti-sneaker wedge, but at the moment I'm into these Nike Dunks.

Now, for those of you not from Seattle, I know you'll probably be watching the game as well, and possibly rooting for the Denver Broncos. Somewhat begrudgingly, I recommend checking out my (really cute) story on Lifestyle Mirror with outfit ideas for both teams.