Friday, January 3, 2014


blizzard style

As we speak, a big ol' winter storm named Hercules is gathering strength out east. I am still cozy and relatively warm out here in Seattle, but after surviving many major snows in Idaho and a few in New York, I know a thing or two about how to dress for them. Thanks to a few key purchases and some hard-learned lessons, I'm ready to brave just about any storm without compromising on style. To help out my friends preparing for inches upon inches of snow in New York City and beyond, I offer up my ten best tips for practical but still fashionable snow style:
  1. Get a down coat that nearly reaches your knees. I know, I know, these coats are not always the most chic. However, when the wind is blowing and snow is whipping all around, you'll want to have as much covered up as possible without restricting your mobility. Basic black is my advice with this one, and Uniqlo has an ultra-warm and lightweight option that's currently on sale for just $70. 
  2. Don't wear a knit scarf. I know they look cute, but the snow just grabs on and melts, creating a heavy, cold, wet and cumbersome noose around your neck that feels just awful. 
  3. Get a pair of Bean Boots. Just do it. I am a devoted wearer of this classic winter boot from LL Bean, and swear by their warmth and ability to keep my feet dry in any conditions, rain and snow. Leather or suede boots and booties are likely to be ruined by the salt on the sidewalks, and if they don't have traction, you're going to fall. That's not chic.
  4. Wear a wide-brim hat, not a beanie.  Hear me out on this one. While beanies and knit hats may keep your head warmer, I like a wide-brim hat for snowy weather because the wide brim will keep snow off your face, neck and hair all the way around. You may just have to hold on when a strong gust comes up. Again, I favor black here—whether you invest in perfection from Rag & Bone, or the fast-fashion equivalent from Forever 21
  5. Don't forget sunglasses. Both for the glare of the snow and to protect your eyes from flying flakes, they're a must. Currently I'm loving those neon reflective lens aviators from Ray-Ban.
  6. Pack a change of shoes for your destination. Whether you're commuting to the office or just jaunting over to a friend's house for some hot cocoa, it's nice not to tromp around in your winter boots. I always throw a pair of ballet flats in my bag to wear once I arrive, like these little cuties from Sam Edelman.
  7. Camp socks! A pair of marled grey camp socks from J. Crew will be your best friend in winter. They're as cute as they are warm, especially when you let them peek out of the top of your bean boots. (Like so.)
  8. Tote your belongings in a waterproof bag that zips. Keep your belongings safe and dry as you brave the snow, and avoid ruining a treasured handbag. I swear by Longchamp's nylon totes, and love this mini one for holding just the essentials. 
  9. Keep it simple in a sweater and jeans. Nothing feels more contrived in crazy weather than a complicated outfit. One of your go-to winter knits and easy, black skinny jeans (my favorite are the Paige 'Verdugo') is all you need.
  10. Wear a lot of black. How else are you going to stand out against all that snow?


  1. Great tips and items! I have that sweater and it's super warm and freaking awesome! Good luck surviving the storm.

    Haute Child in the City

  2. I was just looking to get another pair of snow boots seeing as how much it's already snowing in NYC and it's just the beginning of January! You feel that the bean boots are warm enough?

    1. So if you're worried about the Bean Boots not being warm enough, splurge for the shearling-lined option. I find they are incredibly warm when I wear them with thick socks, including temps around 0 degrees with snow everywhere! Hope that helps!

  3. Great post! Sometimes practically comes first and we can save our cute footwear for less snowy days!

  4. I adore that sweater! So cute! Love this whole outfit! Stay warm…

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  5. I bought the down coat ANDDDD it's maybe one of my favorite purchases of 2014. It's fantastic.