Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Listen. I know. I know we all have a lot of feelings about Miley Cyrus. What with the nudity and the twerking and letting Liam Hemsworth and those sparkling Australian eyes out of her life. She makes choices. Not to mention her album is called Bangerz and it's a hot mess. 

However. The first song, "Adore You," is my jam right now! It's a departure from the rest of the album in a really good way. In my mind it's an ode to the best of times she spent with Mr. Hemsworth in all his glory. I was hoping it would remain a secret sweet spot, but alas it's her new single. (You can watch the typically too-sexual music video here if you feel so inclined.)

Anyway, share with me your thoughts. And while you're pondering, take in the new Marc Jacobs ad above, staring our girl MC. Pretty chic, no?

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  1. i love the whole album Bangerz, i didnt think id like it this much my fave tracks are: do my thang, FU and someone else.