Monday, January 20, 2014


{ After our victory Sunday night, wearing my Paige vegan leather pants, Nike Free 3.0 sneakers, Forever 21 sweatshirt and vintage fur coat. }

Listen, I will be the first to admit that I do not have a rich history of sports enthusiasm. I am, on the whole, apathetic at best when it comes to enduring televised matches of any kind. However, there are two things that can turn that apathy into all-out emotional involvement and excitement: high stakes and hometown pride. 

The Super Bowl was on the line last night for the Seattle Seahawks, and the game, versus the San Francisco Forty Niners, was a brutal battle. Even a person who doesn't completely understand all the actions and reactions on the field could see how violent the plays were and how passionately every single player was fighting for their team. 

I bought my Seahawks t-shirt on a whim when I was home in Seattle and helping my friend Pippi pick one out for herself. There was something about the atmosphere of the store, the softness of the shirt and it's old-school design... That's right. My interest in keeping up with the 'Hawks started because I liked the apparel. (I know, I know.) 

Anyway, flash forward to Sunday night, sitting front row at the bar of Pour George, squashed between my niners fan friends (and a mostly niners crowd, I might add) absolutely screaming my head off slapping the bar and clapping wildly as the Seahawks closed in and secured the win, and their bid to the Super Bowl. I was ecstatic and proud. Proud of the team, proud of my city, and a little emotional for all of the fans who had believed that we could make it this far since before the season even started.

Anyway, I don't think this is the start of my foray into a committed relationship with professional sports; we're not about to rewrite 28 years of history here. However, I will be rooting on the Seattle Seahawks with every fiber of my bandwagon being come February 2. I'll be watching the plays, asking dumb questions, and cheering like hell for my hometown team when the stakes are the highest.

Go Hawks!

*Further proof of my apparel-driven sports enthusiasm can be seen in this vintage post from U of A homecoming in 2009, when I designed tanks for us girls to wear to the game.


  1. Let me preface this by saying "I ADORE YOU." However, I firmly abhor bandwagon fans. Being an ardent sports fan (and a woman at that), I often get the weird side eye and perplexed expression when I start spewing the stats of my beloved Eagles (which had a bit of a Cinderella story of their own this season). I'm all for hometown pride (my Eagles went to the Super Bowl when I lived in Seattle, and I must've been the only Eagles crazed lunatic in the city during those two weeks). But bandwagon fans (especially women ones) make it hard for the mostly men-dominated fan base to take us female diehard fans seriously (and subsequently female sports reporters - do you ever see them at the anchor desk?).

    There's something magical about the sport of football. And it has one of the shortest seasons in pro sports. I hope you can convert your bandwagon status to a full-time sports nut, like me. Also - the fashion opportunities for season-long fans are ENDLESS.

    *end rant* PS - love you, girl.

  2. I have those Paige vegan leather leggings and even though they aren't too small at all, I've had the top waistband seams rip over time. Basically the waistband is two layers and the seam between the layers was never 100% sewed up so the small holes easily turned into big holes. Have you had this problem? Thanks!