Monday, January 27, 2014


{ Ciara, Taylor Swift & Chrissy Tiegen }

You guys, The Grammys were maybe the least wacky they have ever been this year. There was glitz, there was glamour, and there was of course one stunningly pregnant woman. Let's get into it, shall we?

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Listen, I feel as weird about this as you do, but Taylor Swift was the best-dressed woman at the Grammys last night. This Gucci gown is flawless, and fits like a dream. You all know how I feel about a short sleeve gown (if you don't, I love LOVE them), and this is the best possible version, and so surprising on her. No puffy skirt, no sweetheart neckline... Just sophisticated and fitted within an inch of her life. I only wish that her hair was a shade or two blonder and there was no blue eye shadow at all.

As far as the red carpet goes, Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend made the best-dressed couple of the night. When it's done right, I just really love a head-to-toe sequin situation. The bodice of this dress is really sexy, and her hair is, too. (Maybe a little too sex-y?) Then there was that moment where John Legend serenaded her with a spotlight illuminating her in the audience and we all noticeably swooned. Sigh.

Oh heeyyy Ciara! How absolutely glowing and radiant does she look in this Emilio Pucci gilded gown? She is so stunning it's almost unreal. All these glittering honey tones from head to toe make her look like a royal ethereal caramel treat. Everything from the loose, natural hair to her minimal make up and white nails is just so spot-on.

The masses have no idea who Iggy Azalea is so she got like no love in the red carpet coverage, but I adore this white gown. I know, I know, it's an easy, sleeveless sheath and really nothing that crazy, but come on! She looks so sophisticated and chic, and, considering this music video, she really could have gone another way. Kudos, Iggy.

I have to give a shout-out to my Seattle boys, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore. These guys nailed that illusive "we-re having fun with this event but not so much that we look insane" look. Velvet is one of the biggest trends happening in formal menswear at the moment, and I think this teal shawl-collar single-button jacket is fantastic. (A subtle nod to our beloved Seahawks, perhaps?)

And if you thought I wasn't going to bring this up, you're so very wrong. I will unapologetically admit that I buy into everything that Beyonce and Jay-Z are selling us. He is so openly affectionate and adoring of her, and she's just like, "Yeah babe this is all yours. I'm powerful and sensual and my entire album is about the various ways in which we are sexual together." The performance was perfect and then Jay won a Grammy which will forever be known as the #goldsippycup for Blue Ivy. What more could we ask for?

Now tell me your thoughts! Are you on board with all this sparkle? Would you get married In T. Swift's dress if it were white? Are you drunk in love with Bey and Jay?

[Image credits: Fabsugar, The Cut, Buzzfeed]

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