Wednesday, December 11, 2013


{ "Cock your hat, angles are attitudes." — Frank Sinatra }

Right, so, it's old news by now that I'm totally obsessed with wide-brim hats, yes? After all, I am frequently pinning them to my specially-devoted board on Pinterest, and I wear mine all the time. (Last seen on Instagram, yesterday.)

I love a good wide brim hat not only because they look so damn cool, but because on crumby weather days, they really are nice to keep the snow and rain off your face and the back of your neck. And while you can go a lot of ways with this look (floppy, round brim, fedora-style), my favorite shape is that of a straw panama, but in felt. You look a little like a detective, and a little like Indiana Jones. Instant mystery? I'll take it.

The one I wear is more than two years old from Madewell, but I'm now lusting after black and grey ones from Rag & BoneSole Society, and (sigh) Saint Laurent

In stark contrast to this style, I'm also obsessed with cozy knit beanies right now. What about you? Are you having a moment for hats of all kinds?


  1. I love the wide brim hats as well! The first photo is so pretty!

  2. I'm a fan of hats. Why don't you upload more photos with hats you have worn.