Wednesday, November 13, 2013


{We'll take up separate lives
 And in the space that divides
I'll reach for the best of what was
And leave all that wasn't behind } 

I owe this week's MWMM entirely to my darling friend Caitlin. (Since she's coming to stay with  me in NYC this weekend, it seemed only fitting!) She was kind enough to post this music video from Seattle idie band Hey Marseilles in her g-chat status recently—sending me into an emotional, homesick tailspin in the middle of a busy work day. 

Allow me to share a little observation with you. We Seattleites are somewhat prone to melancholy. It's something about the grayness and the rain, and how well our multitude of charming independent coffee shops lend themselves to thoughtful reflecting (and songwriting). This is not to say that we're all sad and emo all the time—we're just especially good at it when the occasion arises. Now, because of this, I have found that displaced Seattleites can become particularly sentimental about our emerald jewel of a city.

My point is this: Watching a music video of a very pretty break-up song shot on ferry boats, at SeaTac Airport, on the University of Washington campus and in Pioneer Square—all on grey days—well, it can send a Seattle girl 3,000 miles from home to a place. Suddenly I was reeling and remembering all the romantic ups and downs of my life before New York, and ready to abandon it's crisp, sunny and lovely fall for the dreary, rain-soaked streets of the Northwest. 

That's right folks, all of that from a music video. Suffice it to say, I quite like this song, and I'm already looking forward to getting home for the holidays come December. 


  1. So good. Reading your post reminds me of why I love music, it takes you to a place, even more so when the music video shows you the place the music is taking you to. Love this song, thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness, this made me homesick. Thanks for sharing!