Tuesday, October 8, 2013


burgundy babes

What can I say? A year after it was super-trendy to love oxblood, maroon, burgundy, etc—I'm having a moment for this color that's actually always been great. Safe to say, I am not a fair-weather friend to burgundy, and I place it right there next to navy on my list of anytime, anything, forever colors in my wardrobe.

My renewed love—in the form of satchels and cross-body bags—came about when I chose the Loeffler Randall 'Rider' bag as my Editor's Pick over on Lifestyle Mirror last week, and has spread like a virus through my brain. Above are just a few of the handbags on my mind, both realistic and... Not so much.


  1. that chloe bag has been on my wish list for forever.

  2. Every winter with a different name and a slightly different shade, dark red is on top of my list.. burgundy, bordeaux, cherry red, oxblood, you name it .. I love it. The Constance Hermes bag is amazing!

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