Friday, October 4, 2013


{ H&M t-shirt dress / Paige Denim flannel (c/o) / Converse All Stars / Patricia Nash backpack (c/o) / Ray-Ban shades, old (similar) / Iced coffee from Ost }

I find it so funny that tying your shirt around your waist is now a "thing" again. I remember in grade school when it was the coolest thing to tie our uniform sweatshirts round our waists: slung super-low, and over our rolled up way-too-short plaid uniform skirts. Now that I think of it, my sneaker of choice then was a Converse too, the platform (backless) Jack Purcell. Ah, the late 90s.

While my outfit for a pretty casual Friday at the office is a far cry from my uniform days—it definitely has that distinctly 90s vibe (and a backpack!). I grew up in Seattle during the heyday of grunge, but I was too young and liked the Spice Girls way too much to really appreciate it. And, let's be honest, I still really like the Spice Girls—so it looks like I'm not going to go through one now. 

Mostly, I just like the feeling of tying something around my waist because it looks kind of cool and really does remind me of my Seattle roots. While the plaid certainly lends itself to that Kurt Cobain throwback feeling, I've also been rocking this look with a denim shirt or crew neck sweatshirt with great success. 

[Photo by the fabulous Meghan]


  1. Yes! I think I was seriously uncool because it was mostly sweatshirts I was tying around my waist so I'm kind of thrilled that I have a chance to do the 90s plaid grunge tie again.

  2. It's funny how fashion is so fickle. Three years ago it was so uncool to have anything tied around your waist.. now bloggers are wearing a jacket over their shoulders and one tied around their waist at the same time!


  3. I remember tying my sweater around my waist.... the arms always got too stretched out!

    Kate from Clear the Way