Monday, September 16, 2013

{styling notes} no boyfriend required...

boyfriend status

I've always had a tomboy-leaning sensibility when it comes to dressing, but you knew that already. Lately though, I've had a heightened interesting shopping in the men's section. As a menswear editor by day, I spend hours trawling e-commerce sites like Mr Porter and the J. Crew men's department, ogling sturdy bags, colorful plaids and thick wool sweaters. Naturally, I now want them all. For myself.

I love the simple sensibility of menswear. Sure, the fit is going to be a little baggy, a little boxy— but I'm so okay with that, especially in the fall with a pair of super-skinny jeans and some chic little smoking slippers. 

Inspired by my day job, I rounded up a few of my fall obsessions that are all borrowed from the men's section. Boyfriend or not, there's no reason you can't give your autumn wardrobe a little man power. 

Personally, I'm dying for the classic LL Bean fisherman sweater for cozy afternoons at home and that  foliage-filled road trip upstate that is always in my imagination each fall. Can't you just see it with those Ray-Ban Clubmasters and perfect pair of black skinny jeans? Oh, and my Indiana Jones hat, of course.

Do you guys shop from the men's section too?


  1. I love that fisherman's sweater - it looks perfect for Fall! I like to mix menswear items into my wardrobe. I always buy their undershirts to wear as white t-shirts!

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  2. DYING for the LL Bean sweater. I really want it in blue!

  3. I'm constantly in the men's section! My style varies but I have endless love for a relaxed, sort of androgynous look like this.

  4. I consider myself to have a very girly/classic sense of style, but even I love to shop in the men's section, especially for layering pieces. I find their fabrics are often better wearing and in the past few years they even sometimes have better color options.

  5. I've always felt too shy to shop in the men's section (maybe it's because I feel like a fraud as I don't have an 'other half' lol) but I love incorporating more masculine styles into my wardrobe! xoxo