Tuesday, August 6, 2013


hamptons weekend

I'm lucky enough to be heading back to The Hamptons this weekend to the Buoy House, and I couldn't be more ready. While it's fun to spend weekends in the city, which can feel almost deserted, you just can't argue with a beach.

Last week I finally invested in a pair of white low top Converse All Stars, which I've been meaning to bring back into my life for ages. They make every outfit feel a little more casual and cool, and are the perfect solution when your pedicure is not suitable for public consumption. I've also committed to wearing a hat anytime I'm in direct sun, because as much as I love a good tan, an old face at a young age isn't anyone's friend. (This frat boy favorite from Polo Ralph Lauren is my go-to.)

I'm also having a moment for replacing standard beach towels with a fab Turkish Fouta, specifically this one from Chance. They're chic, no?

I rounded out my weekend necessities with my favorite new Warby Parker 'Griffin' shades, a beach-ready backpack from Patricia Nash, SPF from Hamptons Sun and of course, a fab one-piece swimsuit. The vibe at Buoy House is so low key that a few beach essentials and something to wear out at night is all you need. (Did I mention there's an outdoor shower?)

I know it's only Tuesday, but how could you not be counting down to the weekend already?


  1. LOVE and outdoor shower...so heavenly!

  2. love these picks. i think i also need to bring the chucks back into my life asap....