Tuesday, August 13, 2013


For the second time this summer, I was able to escape out to the East End for a weekend at the beach. Meghan, Kristen, Kelsey and I headed up to Buoy House on Friday evening— and I was looking forward to a few days of sun and surf and a bit of partying, naturally.

The sun and surf did not disappoint, but by weekend's end I had a bone to pick with the people running those fabulous Montauk hot spots. Ya'll need to get a grip. The lines, the attitudes, the Mischa Bartons... Oh wait, actually, that part was awesome. Anyway, I'm not one to gripe (cough cough Surf Lodge is the worst cough cough) so I'll leave it at that.

Click on through below for more snaps from the weekend...

{ Kristen rented a pretty sweet ride for the weekend... We called her Mustang Sally, obviously. }

{ Kicking off Saturday with coffee and bagels from Jack's in Amagasett— in my Lulu Frost turband and Warby Parker 'Griffin' sunnies (both c/o) }

On Saturday, we got dressed after a lazy afternoon at White Sands Beach to head down the highway to Cyril's Fish House for some delicious BBC cocktails before venturing up to Montauk for the night. 

Cyril's is the kind of place people go in their swimsuits, so showing up dolled up for a fancy night at da club is not really appropriate. My favorite breezy sleeveless top and mini skirt (both from Brass Plum at Nordstrom years ago) paired with flat Aldo sandals and a little jewelry was just right. (Oh, and your best sunglasses are a must at Cyril's— it's an eyewear fashion show like I've never experienced.)

Now, I know this is going to sound like blasphemy coming from someone who loves her Oakley Frogskin sunglasses, but these Knockarounds are my new obsession. They're a dead ringer for these, and cost just $14 a pair. (You're welcome— and hat tip to my friend Adam for introducing me to them.)

{ If you think this isn't us dancing to "Teach Me How To Dougie" at Cyril's ... }

Sunday morning, after our BBC-fueled evening out, a hearty bacon, egg and cheese and iced coffee from Amagansett Farmer's Market was in order. Naturally, we hopped into Mustang Sally and grabbed a table in the sunny yard next to the market to enjoy our breakfast.

Can you even picture a more idyllic setting for a little recapping and carb-and-grease consumption on a summer morning? I can't. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach watching insanely attractive surfers ride perfectly lovely, clear waves and had a few swims ourselves, then headed off to Sag Harbor for dinner...

But you'll have to wait to see those photos until tomorrow!

{Photos by Meghan and myself}


  1. love the amagansett farmers market! looks like you had an amazing time

  2. This looks like the cutest place!

  3. you forgot about Turkey Joe!!! such a fun weekend! loveeeeee you.

  4. Chris - @nylonlover69 on TwitterAugust 14, 2013 at 10:01 AM

    Dang girl. Looking FINE!

    Thanks for passing on the tip about Knockarounds. I'll be purchasing from there ASAP!