Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{out & about} quite the tuesday night...

In the spirit of getting back on track this week, I wanted to circle back to a really fun night I shared with my friend Lexi a couple of weeks ago (indeed, it was a Tuesday). I dragged her (only at first) to one of the coolest events I've been to in a long time, hosted by Sony to launch their new Xperia Z water-resistant phone.

Held in a private 5-story residence in Soho, the venue was pretty unreal (indoor pool, roof garden), but the best part came when we were serenaded by a couple of members of Passion Pit for a few songs. Somehow Lexi and I ended up in the front row...

{ They even did a Tom Petty cover... }

All-in-all it was a truly wonderful night, one that, in light of recent feelings of resentment, helped remind me of why I love living in this city, and just how lucky I really am to have these great friends and great experiences. A big thanks to Samantha for my first introduction to actors playing fake instruments while sitting in chairs underwater in a pool. That was sweet.

You can check out a highlight reel from the event where for about .07 seconds Lexi and I are in the background.

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