Monday, July 29, 2013

{buy this now} the H&M dress that looks like Alex Wang

t-shirt dress

{ the splurge vs. the steal }

If you're like me, shopping at H&M gives you anxiety. It seems like every time I go in there I am jostled about in the racks and racks of fast fashion by ravenous tweens looking for crop tops. It's not fun, but I do it every now and then. Why? Because sometimes you find a gem that makes all that frustration worthwhile— which was the case for me over the weekend.

After a lazy afternoon in Sheep Meadow in Central Park, I popped into the H&M at Columbus Circle. It was blissfully un-croweded for a Saturday evening, so I took my time scavenging about. Amongst the flops and ill-fitting things, I found my gem: this cap-sleeve cotton t-shirt dress. It looks strikingly similar to the T By Alexander Wang dress I've admired for months, so I went ahead and bought it in grey and black. It's ultra-cozy, a total throw-and-go piece, and for $13, how could you really say no?

Just a hot tip of the day, from me to you.


  1. Wow! I need more simple pieces like this and $13 is a bargain!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. I totally agree with you on H&M trips. You really have to mentally prepare yourself for that one! We just did a post about a $3 crop top that they have right now--- going to have to check out this T-shirt dress when we we get the courage to brave the store!


  3. what a great find! I also find H&M overwhelming, it's always great to hear where the exact pieces are because it makes the search that much easier. Hopefully they'll do shipping to the US soon.

  4. Excellent bargain buy - thanks for the tip! I'll head there this weekend :)

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  5. Could not agree more about H&M...and I love shopping so it's saying a lot! Glad to hear this is something I should try on, next time!

  6. Great find in the giant haystack that is H&M! This is such an adorable blank canvas that could be styled so many ways!

  7. Die Shirts sehen allesamt richtig toll aus. Die w├╝rde ich so nehmen, wie sie sind :-)