Thursday, May 23, 2013


A day late and a dollar short — I do apologize! But, let's not dwell on what could have been, right? This week's MWMM is yet another #GovBall2013 band, St. Lucia. I was vaguely familiar with them for a time, but they came to the forefront of my mind when they collaborated with The Knocks on their stellar new song, "Modern Hearts." 

This St. Lucia song, "All Eyes on You," is pretty much just pure escapist joy. It has that airy, synth-y quality that makes you think of legitimately floating free in a turquoise ocean. The beat gives it a bit of a dance-able vibe, and the whole thing feels like just the right interpretation of bringing back the 1980s, no?

This song has gotten me through many a rough Thursday morning and carried me out the door into a late spring weekend many a Friday night. It's just that kind of song. Have a listen, let it build, see if you catch my drift.

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