Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I'm in one of those classic rock moods this week. You know how it goes. You get totally burnt out on new music, you've heard Phoenix's new album a few too many times and top 40 makes you want to rip your headphones apart, so you return back to old faithful. The good old boys. Fleetwood. Paul Simon. The Stones. 

This weekend I had a glorious afternoon with Meghan and friends up on the roof at Berry Park, and the DJ was playing classic after classic, from Motown to the 90s to yes, Bruce Springsteen. He played a jam I had all but forgotten, and so I thought I'd remind you of it, too. This is "Hungry Heart."

Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen on Grooveshark

How's that for a palette cleanser? It's good right? Bruce's voice is so gritty and manly -- it's one of the sexiest singing voices in history, don't you think? Strong and full of emotion. Anyway this is one of his oldies, The River, which came out in 1980 -- way before Born in the U.S.A. and Dancing in the Dark. Fun fact: It was originally written by Springsteen for The Ramones, but on the advice of his manager, he kept it for himself!


  1. Bruce is my main man - and Hungry Heart is really a classic. He's one of those artists that I'm always in the mood for. He's got a song for everything.

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  2. bruce is the best and always will be. my favorite jams- thunder road & tenth avenue freezeout. love!