Monday, May 6, 2013

{met gala 2013} my favorite looks of the night...

{ Rooney Mara in Givenchy on the steps of The Met }

Ladies and gents, let the battle of the "best dressed at the met gala 2013" begin. Above, you have my winner, Rooney Mara in Givenchy. I can't really point to any specifics except wow and yes and more please and eyebrows and zippers. Does that about cover it? Runner up, behold the SJP:

{ SJP wears a custom Philip Treacy headpiece, Giles Deacon dress and (plaid) Louboutin boots }

She's just always so over-the-top for these kinds of events, and I have to say I really appreciate it. Her street cred in the fashion industry is like, through-the-roof, so I'll throw it out there that she's one of the only people who could get away with this. Speaking of industry cred, please join me in a slow clap for the twins Olsen:

{ Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen }

I can't even express how happy I am for the return of this Mary-Kate Olsen y'all. She's back in all her funky, faux-dred, fur-trimmed kimono-wearing glory and I can't et enough. Also, Ashley looks great / interesting per usual in The Row. Now, onto something truly surprising: Annie Hath doing something I actually like:

{Anne Hathaway in archive Valentino from 1992 }

You guys, I have to say I am loving this dark side of Anne "It came true" Hathaway. The blond is funky and actually looks amazing, there's a lot of side-boob and the impression of the look as a whole is really on-point. Girl, you are almost forgiven for that Oscars situation.

Okay, I'm done. Who was your pick for best dressed? If you say Kim Kardashian or Beyonce I'll reach through my computer screen and slap you. Sorry, but it's true. Yikes / snooze all around.

[Images via Fashionista]


  1. I didn't watch any coverage at all, so this is the first of it I've seen, but I'm so impressed that Hathaway managed to be both punk and pretty. I'm hoping she didn't permanently bleach her hair that light though!!!

  2. totally agree with you! beyonce's outfit did nothing for me.... and kim's... welll....


  3. Anne Hathaway looks phenomenal. So happy to see Mary Kate and glad she didn't do all black because that would have been obvious.