Monday, April 22, 2013

{this and that} snaps from the weekend...

{ A cuter pup I've yet to meet... }

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to brunch at Jennifer of Pink Clouds' fabulous Chelsea apartment. In the company of Laura, Serena and Rachel, we chatted with Jennifer and John about vintage fashion, star signs and this little nugget pictured above, Johnny. He's a miniature schnauzer, and I'm obsessed.

After a few mimosa (and with one for the road) we trotted over to Metropolitan Pavilion for the Manhattan Vintage Show. As you can imagine, I spent the next few hours practically drooling as we hopped from vendor to vendor, exclaiming over and man-handling everything from 1920s frocks to the most decadent and incredible costume (and couture) jewelry I have ever laid eyes on. While many of the relics were priced far out of my reach, I did manage to find a hawaiian print muu muu from the 70's for a steal. You may or may not see it on the blog, but trust its totally unflattering and totally fabulous.

A few more highlights (via Instagram, of course) from the weekend...

{ These are all from the Vintage Show, except of course those gorgeous little 'Terri' heels to which I owe Coach a big thank you. They're on-trend and incredibly comfortable. A win/win. }

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  1. so jealous that you got those coach heels! i've been eyeing them for some time now....