Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Fresh White Kicks

{ all the other kids with the fresh white kicks... }

No seriously, again with the white? I can't stop. (See this post, this (outfit) post and this post, too,  if you don't believe me.) Today's craving is of the sporty variety. Sneaks. Tennies. Kicks. Much like the Breton shirt, all-white low-top sneakers are an eternal classic, and I'm just having a particularly obsessive moment for them right now. It's a given that all these shoes are quite similar in how they look, but I think that each one sends a little different message, and truly, some are much more comfortable for certain feet than others. 

The Nylite is for a girl who loves American brands but has maybe had enough of Converse (like me, long ago). The Jack Purcell and Keds girl leans preppy, the Chuck Taylor girl might have a bit of a hipster tomboy side, while the Superga-wearing girl may have an affinity for Les Twins Olsen. The girl wearing Rod Lavers might think she's still in seventh grade, which is when I wore them -- and I find that extremely legit. The girl wearing Vans? I don't know, but I think she's probably cooler than me.

What's your white tennie of choice?


  1. My white converse are my serious go to with casual outfits.

  2. I remember when the superga's were popular years ago, I think I was in high school. But I will forever love me a nice pair of chuck taylors!
    Stop by some time http://styledlikearockstar.blogspot.com

  3. I tend to wear the crap out of my white kicks so when it's not my Chucks, I'm in some that I got from Kmart for like $10. Can't be too mad when those bad boys get dirty.

  4. Ugh you read my mind. I REALLY want white sneakers this summer. Now, just for my shopping freeze to end. (;

  5. I bought some white sneakers at Target last week. Totally too afraid I'll trash them to spend more than $15. Love them!
    grey et al

  6. Is it awkward that I have owned 6 of the 9 pairs of shoes you listed?

  7. This is hilarious. I have literally the opposite post up on my blog right now!

    Kate from Clear the Way