Saturday, April 13, 2013


Happy Saturday! This week's Desert Island Playlist comes from one of my favorite people in New York, but our history actually goes back to high school in Seattle. Lexi and I reconnected quite by chance last June, and as they say, the rest is history. Here on the Internetz, Lexi runs a most excellent blog, New York Called, where she spotlights and interviews talented people who are all New York transplants. Oh, and did I mention she's also got a fabulous day job as  the girl behind the social media at Lulu FrostHerewith, Lexi Cross shares her eclectic and upbeat selection of songs she'd have on repeat for eternity on her own personal desert island.
"I’m pretty musically challenged and generally rely on friends to keep my playlists up to date, but when the “Desert Island” challenge presented itself - I had to get involved. However, I still found myself reaching out to friends out of pure interest in their picks. I’m a fan of most genres, besides hard core techno and rock - so the list dabbles in anything from old school rap to classic country jams. Cali Swag District and Rascal Flats don’t look so good on paper, but living on a desert island, I’d surely belt out “Fast Cars and Freedom” by day and do the dougie by night. John Legend fulfills my inappropriate love for R&B and Frank Ocean would serve as a reminder that desert island living is surely the “Sweet Life.” Hall and Oates is a no brainer and an obvious pick-me-up while Michael Jackson’s “Pretty Young Thing” never fails to bring me to my feet. Throw in some Beach Boys, “Good Girls,” (Cris Cab) and, hopefully a “Corona And Lime,” and I’d be in good company!"

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