Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{ugh, March} surviving the home stretch...

Yesterday I had one of those days where the thought of going through more (and more) cold, wet weather sounded like it might be almost too much to bear. It happens to all of us. We start to have ever more elaborate daydreams about warm temperatures, cheerful sunshine, cool, clear waters and never having to look at another down jacket again. 

If you're lucky enough to be able to take a "spring break" and get away from it all and make your daydreams a reality -- I hate you. Just kidding. But really, ughhhh. Since I can't skip town on a whim, I'm trying to put a conscious effort into doing things that make me feel good, bringing elements of spring into my little apartment and 

1. Yoga & "fitness walks:" During the week I've gotten into taking classes at the donation based studio, Yoga To The People, on St. Marks. On the weekends, Tully and I lace up our sneaks and hit the pavement (last weekend we walked from our apartment at 13th street along the East River all the way to Battery Park). As someone who's not always inclined to be motivated to work out, I rely on good-looking gear to get me out the door. My current obsession is this Origami top from Oiselle, a Seattle-based running apparel brand. The fun details make it unique, and also make it much more acceptable than a ratty old tee when I want to pop into a cafe after a work out or make sure I don't look totally unfortunate as I "fitness" my way through the streets of the Lower East Side.

2. Lilacs: I love having fresh flowers in my room by my bed, or on our kitchen table, but they're an extravagance I rarely splurge on. When they're in season though, I cannot resist buying lilacs by the bushel. We have a lilac tree at my house in Seattle, and when it would bloom I would fill vase after vase and place them all around, to fill every room with their fragrance. While I love peonies and ranunculus this time of year as well, lilacs take the prize because they smell so absolutely wonderful. 

3. Gin cocktails: I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago that I was enjoying the taste of spring at Peels, via two glorious tequila and bourbon cocktails. Lately though, gin has been on my mind. The taste has always reminded me of Christmas trees, but when expertly mixed, gin cocktails can be the most refreshing of all. Currently, I'm scouring Pinterest (and adding to this board) to find delicious gin-based cocktail recipes I can recreate at home. (And then hopefully share with you here!)

4. Fresh new music: Currently, I'm spending a lot of time working from home. As you can guess, that's also a huge reason why the above things are so important to me right now (especially the gin -- wink, wink!). To keep me motivated throughout the day and keep my energy up, I plug my computer into our speakers and make sure to have fresh music pumping from my Spotify account all day long. Currently on my radar are new tracks from Phoenix, Little Boots and BOY. (Oh, and yes, I'm listening to The 20/20 Experience but like... Ehhh. Right? It's just okay.)

What makes you happy this time of year? How do you cheer yourself up when it just won't stop being 43 degrees and raining?


  1. I've been getting the March blues so badly this year! I've been trying to feel better with Gilmore Girls re-runs and strawberry beer :)

  2. I hear you, girlfriend. Gin, flowers and new music all the way. Check out Houndmouth on Spotify. They've been making me happy lately.

  3. I have been meaning to try Yoga to the People! Thanks for the reminder :)

    x Kelsey

  4. cocktails, flowers and a good power walk are a recipe for success in my book. looking forward to monday's RUN!