Monday, March 18, 2013


all the right whites
My memory may be too fogged with blogs at this point, but doesn't it seem like "white" is a trend every spring? Along with florals and bright colors and soft pastels, there are colors that just speak to us at certain times of year, no matter what we saw on the runways.

Personally, I shy away from the pastels, but actually tend to gravitate towards white all year long. Don't you? No matter the temperature (or your skin tone), a great white piece (or an all-white ensemble) can make you feel fresh, polished, and extremely confident. 

Why confident? Because let's be honest: the second we put on something white (especially if it's silk or leather) we're instantly more aware of our surrounds. Will I be spilled on? Can I sit on that? Are there any puddles today? Strutting down the street in your finest whites lets passersby know that you're totally together and adult enough to wear white with ease. (Even if you're not.)

It can sound daunting, but I absolutely love a white-on-white look built around the perfect white jeans (which for me, are the Paige skyline). With an elegant white silk top (like the classic Equipment sleeveless blouse) or cozy knit and just about any shoe you want -- it's insta-chic, I promise.

PS: The Mrs. Meyer's candle isn't exactly white (or wearable) but it's my favorite spring scent and an unbeatable price as far as good-smelling candles go ($12).


  1. Love the white! The top of my white list are a pair of ankle strap white heels. Can't wait to find the perfect pair!

  2. I love white. It's making me feel so fresh, even with the terrible rain that's putting off spring in London.
    I'm living in my a-line white h&m skirt and experimenting with all the fantastic things you can do with white - pretty much anything you want. I feel so suave.


  3. I love wearing white, those glasses are killer!

  4. I think white is used as a "Spring Trend" every year because there is such a sense of fresh/new/re-newal associated with it. The old Downy (or maybe it was Tide) commercials where that crisp white sheet is blowing in the light breeze that accompanies Spring, comes to mind. I guess nothing says the start of a new season (especially a warmer weather, flowers blooming season) than white. And thats cool with me - I got a sparkly new pair of white jeans sitting in my closet right now.

    Candida ;)
    Merch Maven

  5. Wow I love all the things. Especially I love that necklace.

  6. I have always preferred to do an all white look over an all black look. It just makes me feel so youthful and fun! Love all of your selections!