Monday, March 25, 2013


Between my varsity jacket and Only NY cap, it seems I might be turning into a bonafide tomboy of late. I'll admit, since I've always had leanings towards traditionally masculine pieces, the return of sporty elements to "trendy" style has made shopping all the more fun for me this season. I mean really, what's not to like about sweatshirts becoming acceptable  in public and dare I say, fashionable?

So, I think I know what you guys might be thinking at this point. Errmmm Tay? That sweatshirt is not so much with the flattering... Trust me, I know. It's boxy and kind-of batwing shaped and... Perfect. I cannot stop wearing this thing. All day erryday, friends. It's comfortable, it has cool embossed details and the bright white looks great with everything. Especially more white. This piece is not meant to show off my lovely lady lumps, it's mean to make me feel awesome - which I do. So, yeah.

The pairing of my very Richie Rich velvet slippers (complete with golden heel) and the opulent print of my hat add a sort of luxe feel to the whole operation here -- especially given the detail in the sweatshirt.  I feel like Hugh Hefner off to watch the bunnies play an intramural softball game... or something. Can you dig it?

[Photos by Amanda Boyce]


  1. Those slippers are gorgeous, love them w/ the all-white. And your hair looks great!

  2. "it's not meant to show off.. it's meant to make me feel awesome" YES. exact. I love the all-white with the luxe accessories! I've been into the tomboy more lately too.. so comfortable though. xo

  3. That's a great look.., I'm a huge fan of Schutz in Brazil, but I had never seen cute slippers like those in their stores.. I must pay more attention now :)

  4. love you all white look, a fun cap, and an orange lip.
    yup- totally recreating this look.
    must find baseball hat . . . . .

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  5. Absolutely love. I'm in college and boxy sweatshirts and baseball caps have been my uniform as of late, so I have been in a tomboy state of mind recently and I am planning a blog post about it also!! So excited to see we are on the same page, Taylor!

  6. Love the shirt, a bit lighter weight than I was expecting, but still a good deal. I would buy again at