Friday, March 15, 2013

{cocktail hour} spring spirits...

{ the Stone Fence Punch & the Old Palamino at Peels NYC }

I know it doesn't really feel like it (at least in NYC at this very moment), but spring is coming. Officially it begins next week, but we may not truly feel it until the trees start to show some green again, and our ankles can breathe freely in some cropped jeans on any given day. Meanwhile though, we can at least start to taste spring.

Yeah, I'm talking about cocktails. Now that March, my least favorite month of the year (sorry, it just is) is in full swing, I'm ready to retire the Hot Spiked Cider, cork up the red wine and start willing the warmer weather to manifest itself via alcoholic beverages.

I met Karina at a favorite Bowery spot, Peels, for drinks and much-needed gossip on Wednesday evening. While the brunch scene there can be a complete zoo, the evening cocktail crowd is just as stylish but blessedly more low-key. 

We both lucked into ordering two of the most delicious (and colorful!) cocktails on the menu, so I figured, why not pass along our good fortune to you - and perhaps inspire an outting of your own to help you spring forward.

Stone Fence Punch: bourbon, apple brandy, cranberry shrub, lime, cinnamon
Old Palomino: tequila, mezcal, ginger, lime

Both drinks were served shaken and on the rocks, and the Old Palomino had a delicious (and spicy) rim. Though I am a bourbon girl at heart, the spice and citrus of the Old Palomino won me over entirely. I will no doubt be back very soon to have one (or three) more while sitting (upstairs) looking out over Joey Ramone Place. (That's Second Street and Bowery, kids.)

If you're on a refreshing cocktail kick like I am, might I suggest my alcohol-infused Pinterest board, Cocktail Confidential? It's where I collect all the cocktails I want to make but will probably just end up asking a bartender to make for me.

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