Friday, February 22, 2013

{petite outfit moment} stuck on repeat...

You know what's unusual about this outfit? Next to nothing. 

Here I am again - wearing jeans with my fav grey beanie, and Madewell sweater from this post - and quite nearly shunning all things colorful. Every day that I'm stumped by my closet - I turn to these cozy pieces.

There are a few sassy little details this time around, though. This look is like the fancier version of the other one, I think. First, I am working on learning to curl my hair with a flat iron. Can you gals out there do this? It's faster than using a curling iron, but not as consistent and I'm looking for tips!

Next, (unintentionally) matching red lipstick and nails. Jazzy! Let's also have a moment for these super-slick Kelly Wearstler camo jeans. They're good right? (I reviewed them over on ESD today.) Camo is a trend I can't get enough of at the moment, and this grayscale version is incredibly wearable.

Finally, and perhaps most notably? I'm wearing heels! Sexy little black heels, no less. These Aldos have proven to be the perfect go-to for easily dressing up more comfortable looks, especially denim - without looking like I'm trying too hard. (They're pretty comfortable and currently on sale too!)

What's stuck on repeat in your closet?

All the Details: Urban Outfitters hat / Oakley 'Frogskin' sunglasses (Thanks Harry!) / Anthropologie coat (old) / Madewell sweater / Nordstrom sleeveless shirt / Sorrelli necklace (c/o) / Kelly Wearstler jeans (c/o via Eat, Sleep, Denim) / Aldo pumps (c/o) / NARS heat wave lipstick / OPI's Big Apple Red


  1. I am all about plaid shirts and black skinnies, especially my coated jeans from Zara, right now.

  2. I like these jeans - I love all the fun, printed pants that are out for Spring {dear lord have you seen the Barneys Warehouse sale?} but since it's still so chilly these kind of dark, moody prints are just the thing! :)

  3. LOVE this whole outfit - your hair looks amazeballs.. I need to know the straightner-as-a-curling-iron secrets!
    Nikki at

  4. I love a good beanie - and that, my friend, is a good beanie

    LFW street style

  5. I'd probably wear that sweater all the time too. Great look!

    Something Nice

  6. Absolutely LOVE this whole outfit...especially the KW camo pants. She can do no wrong! Have a great weekend, it was so fun meeting you in NYC for IFB!!


    Dominique @

  7. If being stuck on repeat is wrong, I don't want to be right. Love this outfit - it's got pizzazz and it just looks cool. Awesome sauce!

    House Of Jeffers

  8. those are some killer pants!!!!! and actually most of your look is pretty fantastic too!
    whenever we're stumped for something to wear, we turn to cozy too.

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley