Thursday, February 14, 2013

{NYFW AW13} a round up of more favorites...

I get it, I get it. Too many fashion week posts, I know! I grapple with the "to post or not to post" thing with fashion week every season, and it's become sort of a self-sabotage situation. Unfailingly, these posts don't grab your attention or interest nearly as much as those that delve into my personal style. However, I want my blog to be a happy medium of what you want, and what I want, and so here we are. I love talking about my favorite shows - and I think runway coverage adds a depth to my content that I am proud to include. 

So, anyway. The fashunz. I'm going to now attempt to bundle a bunch of shows into one laborious (but full of gowns and coats and amazing layering) post. There will still be spotlights here and there, so you'll have to bear with me. Because let's be real, Oscar De La Renta always deserves it's own post.

Grab that coffee, click through, and let's chit-chat about collections from The Row, 3.1 Phillip Lim and more!

{Otswald Helgason}

Only in their sophomore season, Otswald Helgason is poised to make it's mark as a London-based designer showing in New York. The looks were something akin to an opulent but sporty tomboy if there is such a thing. (There is now, because I just made it up.) The theme of the collection is something I won't dare try to explain, so I recommend reading's review.

The sisters Olsen continue to push The Row forward and into new territory, and it keeps working. This collection is at it's core, made up of real, wearable pieces any cosmopolitan woman could work into her workday-to-cocktail hour wardrobe, but also a slouchy sweater for weekends or multi-texture coat that couldn't be anything but the star of your fall 2013 outerwear. Personally, I was drawn to these  three incredibly detailed ivory looks.


I've been in attendance for Suno the past three seasons, and I was sorry to miss it this time around - it's a perennial favorite of mine. The design duo can take partial credit for the surge in popularity of prints that's overtaken fashion of late, but Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis alluded to that they might be aware of the waning of this trend. Punchy prints were realized over a theme of black. A lot of black. 

Phillip Lim's girl is cool and casual. Smart and bad-ass. Motorcycle detail meets preppy layering with a major quilted element (seen on many of the AW13 runways). In this collection I'm most drawn to the color palette. I'm not big on pink, but this particular hue, paired with camel, grey, navy and cognac feels  grown up and feminine. She's the girl I want to be - with a studio apartment in Nolita and a cat named Cat.

Gowns fit for a princess, wouldn't you say? I can see Kate Middleton in any number of the glittering and frothy frocks from this collection, and I was most drawn to the glamorous black and white numbers above anything else.

[Cover image credit: The Cut; all others are]


  1. I'm hitting 'save for later' on this post when I have a bit more time.. but I have to comment that I LOVE when you post the fashion week favorites!! Coming from a girl who dreams of attending.. I live vicariously through photos/videos and I love to see other's favorites. :)

    also--it's YOUR blog. do whatever you want girl! xo

  2. Okay, nevermind, I just couldn't wait. The Row and 3.1 Phillip Lim are my favorites of these. Aghhhh!

  3. I really enjoy the FW posts! I'm loving the long shorts (I hate calling them "bermuda shorts")...I think "opulent but sport tomboy" sums it up perfectly. And I think I could wear every single item of Phillip Lim's!

  4. Love the Ostwold Helgason collection. I would wear all of those looks. Fashion week absolutely brings me chills!!! I love this time of year.