Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mid-week music moment: Little Boots

I fell so hard and fast for this song on Monday it took everything in me not to share it on the blog immediately. But then what would I have for you today?? This is the newest offering from British dance pop artist Little Boots. Think of her like Ellie Goulding with less emotional baggage. I saw her perform about three years ago at Neumos in Seattle (I blogged about it here), and ever since then she's had a special place in my music-loving heart.

Much like Goldroom's "Fifteen" this is a song that grips you with the synths, but "Motorway" has powerful piano elements and a pretty quick beat that will definitely get you tapping your feet at your desk and wanting to be dancing somewhere with lasers. I suggest indulging in playing it really loudly for maximum emotional effect.

Little Boots - Motorway by LittleBoots

Right? How good is this song?

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