Saturday, February 23, 2013


In a serious way, like an "I might have a problem" way, I cannot stop listening to this song. Full disclosure? I probably played it 15 times on Spotify at work on Friday. I'm obsessed and I'm not sorry. Anyway I think we (you guys and me) tend to align on our musical tastes most of the time (including acoustic Biebs), so I think you'll enjoy this as well.

Ehh? Ehh? Isn't this dreamy? I suggest playing it really, really, loud on speakers or in your headphones for the full effect. 

I first heard it while getting ready for work earlier this week, Tully was playing a really great Songza playlist of 'most blogged' songs and this one came on. Goldroom doesn't have many other songs, and this one is definitely tops out of the bunch.

[After watching the music video, you definitely get that southern California sun-drenched feeling through the song - do not watch if you're stuck in freezing NYC like me.]


  1. Loved this song!! You should check out Crave You by Flight Facilities ... needless to say that I listened to that song over 15 times in one day hahaha
    Hope you enjoy!
    Love from Hong Kong

  2. Only 15 times, Taylor? I'm pretty sure I listened to To Kingdom Come by Passion Pit for over 30 times or so at one day hahah. Also Stay Gold by the Big Pink. You have to listen to those two

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    The Dilly Chic

  3. Obsessed with this song.

    x Kelsey