Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I first heard Lord Huron when I was deep in the throws of my internship at, in the fall of 2010. I had started my internship that summer, when I was was bright and shiny and new to New York, emerging from the 1 train in midtown Manhattan twice a week singing Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" to myself in my head.

Soon though, the shine wore off my job and I saw it for what it really was: work. I was learning and running around and getting access to fashion shows and seeing Joe Zee from time to time, and it was great - but man, it wasn't all that glamorous, and I spent many a day plugging away at a giant old dinosaur of a computer. One thing that got me through those hours was music. Fortunately, my friend Anderson introduced me to Lord Huron's first EP, and I listened to it incessantly. Their music has a transportive power, one that flew me away from 51st street to a desolate mountain cabin somewhere.

Their latest album came out last year, and it's more of the same, in the best way. The songs are all pretty similar, and as such flow together like the days of a dreamy vacation I've never actually been on. Like I said, transportive. Whenever you need an escape, float away in Lonesome Dreams. If you don't have time for an entire escape, skip to "She Lit A Fire."


  1. Checking them out on spotify right now! I interned at W mag and you're right when you say how shockingly un-glamarous publishing life is. But it was an awesome learning experience!

    x Kelsey

  2. Oh my goodness - I love Lord Huron, and actually woke up thinking about this music and how I wanted to share it on Facebook... must of had the same brain waves today!