Monday, January 14, 2013


I have a lot of thoughts.
You probably have some thoughts about my thoughts.

Let's talk about last night's Golden Globes looks, shall we? Click through below for a more detailed look at my picks.

Let's start with Kristin Wiig in Michael Kors. Part of the reason I love this is because girlfriend does not always get the whole red carpet thing right. And this is just simple and sexy and lovely. I dig the gold and red accessories, and though her hair is a tad too casual I can forgive it. The dress just looks so damn good on her. 

Mmmkay Hathaway in Chanel. Let's just get it out of the way: This is boring and safe. However, you can't entirely fault her when she looks so terrific and so many other stars looked so, so bad. If you ignore her over-the-top acceptance speech and just focus on her pretty hair, nice lip shade and the fit and texture of this look - it's great.

In the sphere of not-playing-it-safe, we have Kerry Washington in Mui Mui. I just love this. Her hair is not my favorite, but the dress and simple pumps really do it for me. I have major reservations about his whole "invisible dress" trend that (cough cough Jennifer Lopez) has taken over recently, but this is an example of sheer and embellishment done right - with actual fashion (and not just nudity) in mind. 

Oh, Kate. I was so, so happy to see her step out next to Bradley Cooper in this Alexander McQueen gown. It's so sleek, cool and unexpected. Do I wish she had worn her hair back in a low bun? Sure, but this was my favorite dress of the night. Risky, glitzy and amazing.

I was a little late to the red carpet this year, so this was the first dress I saw, via Twitter. Now, I know some people are going to nay-say this one for sort of a "gilded football player" thing, but I am obsessed. Her short, fun hair and minimal accessories let the Alexandre Vauthier dress shine. The white and gold create a really dynamic contrast, one that I give major sartorial thumbs up.

For me, the best of the night was all black, white and gold. However, I would like to give honorable mentions for the above ladies: Jessica Alba is infuriatingly beautiful and this dress / necklace / hair / lips combo is flawless. Marion Cotillard is French, and so it is no wonder that she looks stunning in one of the only cocktail-length dresses of the night, that just happens to be custom Dior.

Let's be real, this was the best part of the night.

Okay, now your turn. Who did you think were the big hits and misses of the night?

[Image credits: The Hollywood Gossip & E! Online]


  1. I completely agree with your top picks! I thought it was funny when _ (I don't remember who it was!) said on the red carpet that everyone was going to be in color. All my faves were white, black and the occasional touch of gold. While I did like the dresses, it was a little bit of a let down. Usually I'm more in awe. Next awards show!


  2. Love these picks! I definitely loved Anne Hathaway's dress, Julianne Hough looked amazing, Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie and Emily Blunt :)

  3. Yess those lovely ladies above do look stunning and I was like OMG yess at your hair critique if kate hudson wouldve done the low bun like you said the embellishment on the top of the dress wouldve totally stood out whilst there it kinda blends with her hair, errm every thought of being a Hair stylist?? because you totally wouldve have done a much better job than whoever done those two's hair! :D And omg jessica beil looks beautifulll I want to look like that for my prom!! Haha But I must say I do slightly hate Mario Cotillard's Look its like something Ugly betty would wear in the beggining when she had zero style and the shoes are abit too matchy matchy for my liking! Lovely post hun xox

  4. I totally agree with you on Kristen Wiig and Kerry Washington. I wished Anne would have worn a necklace, her chest looked so bare.
    Lea Michele in Elie Saab- she was a little too tan but I loved the dress! Taylor Swift also looked amazing!

    x's & o's

  5. My favorite look of the night was Katherine McPhee. So classic and striking in black.

  6. My favourite was Jennifer Garner, loved the glitzy red on her!

  7. It's sure Jessica Alba... perfect beauty of all time..

  8. I absolutely LOVE the way Kate Hudson looks here!
    She's always gorgeous, but in this dress, with these hair and make up she's just unbelievably stunning!