Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{gimme that} TNA varsity jacket...

They say the "T" stands for TNA, but I'm fairly certain it stands for "Taylor, you should buy this jacket right now." I've been eying all these varsity jackets for a while now, but haven't pulled the trigger just yet - mainly because many are either too expensive or look rather cheap. I'm planning to swing by the Aritzia store in Soho today to see how this one stacks up -- cross your fingers for me, would ya?

*Update* So I bought it! I went with the maroon color, and interestingly, a size large. This jacket definitely runs a tiny bit small, so the large has a perfect fitted but not too-fitted look.


  1. Um yes you should! Very you! I was actually debating a sequined varsity jacket this weekend... IRO on sale. Thoughts?

    1. I mean sequins + sporty = perfect if you ask me, and it sounds RIGHT up your alley :)

  2. Please show how you'd style this! I've been eyeing this jacket for quite some time but I don't know how I would wear it!

  3. Just found you now that I've started reading IFB to try to make my blog better. I love varsity jackets. Which makes a lot of sense for a girl with a ton of 1950s dresses and even some petticoats.

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe

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