Thursday, January 17, 2013

{brain freeze} winter hats I'm craving now...

3 x 3 winter hats

I'm having such a moment for hats right now. There are all these fictional situations playing out in my head in which I am doing something really cool or meeting some great guy, and everything is going my way because... I'm wearing the perfect hat for the occasion. 

Now, I don't pretend not to be crazy on le blog, so just go with me on this. My brain frequently functions exclusively in vignettes in which things only make sense according to what I'm wearing. It doesn't make sense but neither does the popularity of boot cut jeans, so whatever.

Anyone else craving everything from beanies to wide-brim fedoras and sporty caps these days?

Shop the hats L to R, top to bottom:


  1. I'm looooving hats these days. However I'm in AZ so my opportunities to sport them are limited. But I just got a wide-brim fedora from Anthro and I can't wait to wear it on a trip to Big Sky in Feb!

  2. I am totally loving hats these days. Especially those messy hair days that I would actually end up frowning on, feel so much more lighter and stylish with a perfect hat to go with! It's getting really chilly again here in CA after a nice sunny week, prepared to rock the weekend in style :)

  3. You have read my mind, I want every single one of these hats. Great post my dear!

    Rebecca Jo