Friday, December 14, 2012

{the uniform} that Michael Kors boyfriend watch...

When I first started my blog, one of the most popular questions I got from readers was, "Where did you get that watch?!" I found the perfect big, gold watch from Michael Michael Kors on sale at Nordstrom, and haven't been able to find it's exact model for sale anywhere since. MMK makes a whole array of menswear-inspired watches that all (amazingly) ring in around $250, as do a few other brands like Kate Spade and Timex. If I had to update mine today, I'd definitely go with the MMK 'Lexington' chronographer. Classic and cool (and obviously quite similar to the one I have).

Questions about that watch keep trickling in about that watch, so I rounded up a few of my favorite alternatives for you guys. I think there are few things as timeless and sexy as great, menswear-inspired watch on a woman's wrist. My watch has recently run out of batteries and lost one of it's screws, which is devastating since I'm used to wearing it daily.


  1. I also wear a Michael Kors watch every day! My mom got it for me from Nordstrom years ago and I get asked about it all the time. Such a great part of your uniform.

  2. I swear by Michael Kors watches and have been wearing his oversize variety for years. I get so many comments on my big gold jet set option, which I think is slight reminiscent of an old school rolex...I love it. Definitely part of my uniform!

    Haute Child in the City

  3. I never take my MK watch off... ok, well that is a slight exaggeration... but I do love it that much! Something every woman should have in my book!

  4. I love this look and your style! So classy!

  5. That's a gorgeous piece, good choice xx