Friday, December 14, 2012


T. Babeton pea coat / H & M sweater (old) / MiH 'Marrakesh' flares (on loan) / Aldo pumps / Ray-Ban aviators / Hat Attack hat (c/o).

"Spent a week in a dusty library
Waiting for some words to jump at me
We met by a trick of fate
French navy my sailor mate"

I couldn't help but think of that amazing Camera Obscura song when I put together this outfit today. I think I mentioned that when I first started talking about my need for a navy pea coat, part of the reason was to look a little like a surly sailor (and Robert Redford). With my nautical stripes I don't feel surly so much as un peu francais, non?

Also, can we talk about these MiH flares for a sec? I got the velvet ones last winter, and fell in love with the cut and super-soft fabric. They're easy to dress up for the holidays and with a heel they make your legs look insanely long. These are a new twill version, and while not as soft, they're a bit more crisp, which I like. 

[Photos by Amanda Boyce for this post]


  1. Simple and great!! love those pants on you :)

  2. Such a simple outfit yet you make it look so effortlessly chic! Much love.


  3. Looove big flare jeans. And love this look! Have a fabulous weekend. xo
    Isn’t That Charming.

  4. This whole outfit is awesome. Head to toe!

  5. Love the new coat!
    By the way, do you have any suggestions or ideas about things to do in NYC for New Year's? Have you ever done tickets for those huge open bar things, or are there other options if you want to hang out at bars? Trying to think of something fun for this year with friends!

  6. I love the simplicity! Navy is one of my favorite colors for winter; it always so chic. No different here!
    Maya F
    The Metallic Lady

  7. I really like the flares (and the whole outfit). I'm always a little hesitant to try out flare-legged pants, but I like how you styled them here. Might have to give the style another shot.

    xoxo Emily

  8. adore the hat / color combo with that bold lip, girl

  9. Just discovered your blog-- its great (especially love the name haha). Happy writing!


  10. Wow. I love your jeans. I love the color. I used to wear them when I was schooling. This jean design never gets old.

  11. Awesome outfit, Everything is perfect....


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