Wednesday, December 5, 2012


guy's gift guide

I know I'm quite behind on this season's onslaught of gift guides, and I must apologize.  Just putting these things together is kind of exhausting - and I haven't even started shopping! Last year I was totally gung-ho with my guides, and I employed some of my most stylish and savvy friends to help me out. This season I was woefully less organized, and so, you must be satisfied with just me. 

And so - the men. Last year my friend Bret made a pretty rad guide for guys, and I can only hope to channel a bit of his good taste. I have neither a boyfriend nor a brother at the moment, so I'm going to go with my gut on these gifts. I tried to pick not-too-preppy pieces and pieces you could easily adapt to the personal tastes of the man for whom you're shopping.

Music: Does anyone buy music anymore? If you do, Kendrick Lamar's good kid m.a.a.d. city actually measures up with the critical acclaim it received and you'll want to put it on your iTunes, too. If you're a little more au currant, why not buy your guy a Spotify premium account so he can listen to whatever, wherever.

Apparel: You know what's almost as sexy as a man in a suit? A man in a sweater. Better yet, a man in a great sweater. J. Crew is kind of killing it with their fair isle this season, and this lambswool 'Seaspey' is my pick. For outerwear, I love Penfield's classic appeal, and this down vest is a good color without being too colorful.

Watch: You really have to know the man on your list's taste for this one - or have full power to decide it for yourself. If you're feeling so bold, I love this matte black Nixon watch, which I grabbed right off of Valet's (excellent) gift guide.

Gadget: Little gadgets, electronics and accessories make great stocking stuffers. To find a cool (or hilarious /artsy) iPhone case - I'm obsessed with the broad selection on Society Six. Another easy idea? Fancy ear buds / headphones (like Beats by Dre) or speakers that work with your phone are dude-pleasing options, too. For a splurge, the wireless sound systems from Bowers Wilkins are hard to beat, and the A5 is super sexy.

Accessories: For both men and women, caps and hats have moved out of the "bad hair day only" realm. So if you're going to wear one, might as well make it a cool one. Both Garance Dore and I approve of the caps by Supreme. Same goes for backpacks - not just for school and hiking anymore. Any of the Herschel's bags, especially the Little America make an excellent pick.

Whiskey: This is a partially a selfish gift choice on my part - but most guys love whiskey even more than I do. Pick up a bottle of Bulleit and a couple of high balls and cheers to the new year with that boyfriend, brother, GBFF or hey, why not dear old Dad.

Still need help? You can't miss with just about anything from Need Supply.


  1. I bought this swear for my husband for Christmas already! I am not even joking. Fantastic picks. The Bullet I always have for me :)

  2. Great ideas! I think I'll be buying my Dad socks again this year, for some reason he likes that kind of thing that and a nice bottle of something!

  3. Love that Supreme hat! I'm a sucker for the street-wear style.