Monday, November 12, 2012

{outfits + adventures} the hunt 2012...

Madewell hat (from last year, but similar here); J. Crew shirt; J Brand twill pants; LL Bean boots; Ray-Ban aviators; vintage Ralph Lauren bag; Duncan's Filson jacket.

As you might recall, before the big, huge, gap in posting on SUILTSOY, I talked about how excited I was for The Hunt. Finally, I gathered up the best pics and want to share them with you! Now, before you say something like, "Uhhh... What's with the trash?" let me just take a second to remind you that The Hunt is as down-and-dirty as it is East Coast equestrian. 

 In case you needed further proof, Adam, Jessica and I are here to confirm that this year was all about the hat. Specifically those brimmed and brown.

For more fun from the Hunt, clickity-click below!

Penn Station --> Summit --> Far Hills

Jessica and Rachel (Jess's hat is by Bailey.)
Jess and I
A little montage with Sammi
All the girls.

*Sorry the photo quality isn't the best, I was using my iPhone.


  1. I agree, it's all about the hat this season! You all look great!

  2. Love the hat! You wear it perfectly.

  3. it seems like u have an amazing collection of footwear's :D

  4. You have a really lovely smile :) haha just saying! Anyway loving your looks in hats, always chic.

  5. I am really like the hunt adventure and every in summer season i enjoy this moments with my friends. I love this hunting moments