Wednesday, November 14, 2012

mid-week music moment: Madonna

Last night I fulfilled a childhood dream. I sang "Like A Prayer" at the top of my lungs with Madonna - and about 10,000 other people at Madison Square Garden. I can tell you right now, that between the choir, the cone bra and the sheer nostalgia of it all - I almost cried

Before the concert I was worried that seeing such an (aging) icon live in concert might tarnish my vision of her as this untouchable, eternally envelope-pushing artist. You guys, I was floored. If anything, I have more admiration for Madonna now than ever. She sang live the entire night, never stopped dancing, and played a great mix of new songs from MDNA and her classics, too.

So yes, today the MWMM is a throwback to Madonna days of yore, and how could it be anything but "Like A Prayer?" It's like a dream... No end and no beginning...

Now, if you're really in the spirit, do your afternoon a favor and listen to whole The Immaculate Collection.

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  1. You have been cracking me up with your Madonna-obsessed tweets!