Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{from ESD} prepped for a wintery mix...

Zara coat (old) / J. Crew flannel / Madewell sweater; BDG denim leggings / gifted Hunter boots / Madewell hat (old) / Amanda Pearl earrings

Yesterday was the worst. The weather was terrible and I feel like it was pitch black dark at about 3 p.m. All day long, the sky poured down that dreaded slushy mix of rain and snow. Yep, the wintery mix. (Not to be confused with this wintery mix, natch.)

It's only been a minute since you last saw me in this flannel - I can't stop wearing it (and lucky for you guys - it's on sale now!). Paired with my cream cable knit sweater and classic green Hunter Boots the effect is positively preppy - especially with my giant AP gobstopper pearls. 

Sometimes you just have to look bad weather square between the giant, wet snowflakes and say "Whatever, I'm wearing a great hat."

[Photos by Amanda Boyce, from this post on Eat, Sleep, Denim]


  1. love the jacket and hat! such a cute winter outfit!

  2. I love this whole look! Your hat is great. I wish it would get cold here in AZ so I could bundle up like this...minus the "wintery mix". :)

  3. LOVE that hat.

  4. you look fantastic!!!! perfect outfit for rainy weather!
    lots of layers, a hat to protect the hair, and wellies to keep the toes dry!!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  5. Cute look! I'm obsessed with that flannel! I may just have to pick it up!


  6. Love the rustic slash sophisticated look!

  7. No one looks better in a stylish hat like this than you!

  8. perfect perfect rain outfit