Wednesday, October 24, 2012

mid-week music moment: Giselle ft. Flight Facilities

Bare with me, but I'm going to do something sort of backwards for this week's MWMM: I'm going to re-post a previous song. Gasp!

Here's the thing, though. I first posted this song and it's music video back in September of 2010, over two years ago! It comes up on my iTunes shuffle every now and then, but it most recently re-entered my consciousness on a party bus coming back from apple picking upstate a couple of weekends ago. (Yes, that was a thing.)

I just thought I'd share this jam again now, because I feel the same way today as I did when I first heard it two years ago... It's pretty, sexy, and kind of has that fall feeling to it.


  1. Oh I love this song! All my friends think it's weird but I think it has such a sexy vibe. ANd yes, still sounds oh so fresh.

  2. This is kind of random but my boss recently did a video with Tyra Banks and used that song for a magazine called WestEast. It's a remix version though by Adventure Club. Here is the video if you were interested: x