Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This week's MWMM is kind of a special treat, since the artists are from Seattle! Macklemore (ne Ben Haggerty) went to Garfield High School and is a veteran of my favorite local music events, Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumpershoot. He's been big in the Northwest for a while, and the album he produced with Ryan Lewis, The Heist, is now #1 on iTunes. Their break-out hit, "Thrift Shop" is a gem, and I suggest watching the video as well. I am going to note now, though most of you won't care, that I chose the above photo because where it was taken, Magunson Park, is right near my parents house, and I was just there walking with my mom and dog last week. Cool story, huh? Anyway, listen to this jam, please:

White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. ScHoolboy Q, Hollis on Grooveshark

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "White Walls"

Thoughts? I recommend the whole album if you like good-natured hip-hop and especially if you like lots of Seattle references

(Credit for this week's MWMM goes to Jerry.)


  1. Great band i didn't known them ! C

  2. I've totally be listening to homeboy too...! He's got some great Seattle-love lyrics and, great videos too! Have you seen the one for Thrift Shop? Hysterical.