Tuesday, October 2, 2012

look at these beautiful, beautiful, booties...

love these booties

I used to really hate booties. I thought they were weird, ugly, and make your legs look unfortunate. I didn't understand how to style them, and generally couldn't get down with the aesthetic. 

Fast forward to the fall of 2012 and I'm practically foaming at the mouth over the array of booties that are all over the place these days. I mostly want them to wear with skinny jeans and oversize tops - you know - that kind of upscale fauxhemian vibe. 

True to form, after browsing around for some pairs that really struck my fancy - I fell fast and hard for a few pairs that are quite nearly (totally) out of my budget. The weird thing? They all have heels. Like, tall heels. (You know how I feel about my flats.)

I keep seeing the top left Rag & Bone booties just about everywhere, in black, brown, oxblood and even forest green. There's something about a suede bootie with cool ankle-wrapped detailing and a sensible, chunky heel that just does it for me, you know? Next we have this insane Madewell calf hair little gems that I seriously can't get out of my head. I'm a woman possessed, I tell you. Lastly - sensible, black and badass-as-hell Reiss boots with a killer heel.

As I wipe the drool from my chin, I'm going to look for some more budget-friendly alternatives - or start a penny jar. How do you guys feel about investing in shoes like these? If they last a few seasons, the cost-per-wear makes a lot of sense...


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  2. I keep pinning the Rag & Bone booties and then remind myself that I am not a baller. Let me know when you find good budget-friendly options :)

  3. i soooo want the Rag & bone booties! WAHHHH

  4. these are a good alternative, imo

  5. Those Rag & Bone booties are the truth. And for some weird reason, forest green sounds really appealing. Can I pretend it's a neutral for fall??

  6. i splurged on the rag & bones! i got the dark grey/black suede with brown straps, but the oxblood was hard to pass up. i really really debated, other than my wedding shoes they are the most expensive pair of shoes i own, but my cost per wear on boots always ends up being pennies and i really do think i'll be able to get at least 2 years (fall/winter here is about 6 months!) out of them, so they will be worth it.

    the thing that differentiated them, for me, is the notch in the front. i don't have long legs and the notch really helps elongate my legs/eliminates the stumpiness feeling i typically get with booties.

    they are also comfortable! but get at least a size up, they run really small!

    1. Ahhhhh Rita - this is both good and bad information. I am so tempted because they really are gorgeous, and you make a great case for the CPW... EEK!

    2. do it! even my husband was like, yeah, those are awesome and you'll wear them constantly. when the dude approves, i know it's worth it!

      or, i'm going to break mine in this weekend and i can report back. it's been too nice to wear them yet but we're going on a trip and i'm planning to bring them.. i'll let you know if they are as comfortable/wearable as they seem!

  7. i LOVE those rag&bone boots! the grey color is gorgeous as well!


  8. I love them! The animal print ones are amazing.

  9. I just got the Rag & Bone booties this past week and I love them. Definitely order a half size to full size up. But I'm with you, I haven't really gotten them until this season then when I saw the Rag & Bone ones I fell in love. I haven't actually worn them out yet but upon just trying them on around the house they are comfortable so I can only imagine the more wears the more comfortable they will be. And the height of heel seems like these will be good 'everyday' booties.

  10. Super cute picks! Loving the leopard booties!


  11. Like everyone else I'm just dying over those Rag & Bone booties (I think it's the heel height that I love - not hooker tall, not stubby short, you know?). If you find a decent alternative please share because I just can't bring myself to splurge on these just yet.