Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{NYFW} that time I saw Ryan Lochte at Jeremy Scott...

Ryan Lochte at Jeremy Scott.

If you guys had been in my office at any time this week, or in my apartment for that matter, you would have heard me mention more than once that all I wanted this Fashion Week was to see Ryan Lochte at a show. He has been covering some of the shows for E! Channel apparently, and made quite the stir at Rebecca Minkoff last week. (I wasn't there.)

At Milk Studios this afternoon, Chelsea, Nicole and I jostled around in the insane crowd as the second floor runway venue started to fill before the Jeremy Scott show. As we loitered in the photo pit we witnessed the tall, totally dolled-up and (honestly) rather stunningly beautiful Tyra Banks as she made a dramatic entrance and sent the photographers into a frenzy. 

Is that considered a smize?

Lacking the machinery (read: DSLRs) to hold down our spot in the pit, we took a lap around the runway and I was able to snap a few great photos of Tyra on my iPhone (using my fav app, Camera+). To make sure we weren't completely shoved to the back as the room began to feel totally cramped and overheated, we wedged ourselves into a standing spot behind just two rows. We watched and smiled as Michelle Harper and Paris Hilton made their entrances, posing, air kissing and, in the case of Miss Hilton, pretending to talk on a cell phone for the sake of photography.

And then Chelsea grabbed my arm. "Lochte," she said. I looked out and gasped. Then made a noise something like, "Gaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Yes, the fan girl in me took over. I readily admit that I went completely ballistic. But, internally of course. I simply whipped out my phone, slapped the silliest, dumbest (and unavoidable) grin on my face and took about 50 photos.

We watched and cooed as he hugged and hello'd and smiled and chatted with people just 10 feet away from us for about 5 minutes. It was completely insane, and as Chelsea put it, I was "on cloud nine." Or, to be more crass (in her words) "I lost my shit." I was overheating, smiling like an idiot and staring like the true Lochte creeper that I am.

We made eye contact.

It was perfect.

Fashion Week dreams come true.

The end.

[Image credits Chelsea Burcz & me.]


  1. Even though you attended NYFW, I'm more jealous you made eye contact with Lochte.. He's so beautiful.

  2. haha...I'm jealous! He is pretty dreamy!