Monday, September 3, 2012

my NYFW dreams & realities...


Can you feel it? Fashion Week is almost upon us again. I'm giddy, nervous, anxious and so flippin' excited. Being able to attend shows and presentations is one of the pie-in-the-sky dreams I had as a little girl, and I will tell you right now, 5 seasons in, that I still get an electric shock down my spine each and every time the lights go down just before a runway show. You will not catch this girl whining and complaining about how exhausting and crazy NYFW is. And if you do - permission granted to smack me right across the mouth.

Which brings me to the whole dreams and realities portion of this post. Above are some of the little treats I want, need and have that would/could/will make NYFW even sweeter. I am recently a convert to the cult of NARS Heat Wave lipstick. You guys - this stuff is amazing. I've never been big on lipstick but I haven't gone a day without this orangey-red on my lips since the day I bought it. Coupled with some big black shades (those Karen Walkers would be ideal...) - and tada - I'm ready for anything.

The one thing that can be a bit of a bummer when you're working full-time and attending shows is schlepping all your gear. This season I'm dying for a cool backpack like this one from Will Leather Goods, which, with a silk blouse a la Equipment, black skinnies from J Brand and little flats like those Joie gems makes an easy-but-cool mid-week look.

What actually ends up on my body during NYFW is always a mystery and never as chic as I hope it will be, but I'll hopefully be able to share some of the highlights here, so stay tuned!


  1. Great picks. I love the red nars lipstick and the black heels.


  2. Have a great time! Loving that backpacks are chic again :)

  3. Cute picks! Loving those sunnies and the black pumps!


  4. You have so many great picks here. Love it.


  5. I've had my eyes on a vintage Moschino bag for months - maybe it's time to finally make the investment under the guise of a camera bag!! Ha. Found your article on IFB - Really insightful! Thanks for the advice! Sincerely, a new(ish) blogger!