Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{little life update} East Village adventures...

 A community garden on East 10th between Avenue B and C.

Apologies, my darlings. Did you think I had perhaps dropped and destroyed my laptop in the midst of my move? I didn't - but I did temporarily misplace it amongst the boxes and heaps of clothes for a while. Between the move and work and well, the move, I've been a bit occupado, as they say. Additionally, I got a bit wrapped up in the Olympics when I did have some relaxing time to spare.

Hailey and Moira and I are finally getting settled into our new little spot in the East Village, but it's been a long, exhausting process. Want a fun fact? We just realized this weekend that there's not a single drawer in the whole apartment. However, there is exposed brick, plenty of sunlight and we're right above two bars, a deli and tattoo parlor. Good things, bad things? It's yet to be seen. Here's a little peek at the decorating process I've only just started in my room...

Vintage photos of my parents; Jo Malone candle; Parisian Chic; Inslee print & all kinds of various knick-knacks and jewels.

We haven't taken too much time to explore Alphabet City yet - which is the part of the village we live in - but I'm really looking forward to it. (The island widens down here, so once they hit 1st Avenue, they moved East with Avenues A, B, C and D.)

I've spent a fair amount of time down here over the past two years because friends like Meghan and Jerry already live here. It's overflowing restaurants and bars, and feels much more neighborhood-y (if that's a word) than Chelsea. One of the best parts about this area is definitely the community gardens, which feel like secret escapes, and would be totally out of character anywhere else in the city. They're lush, quiet, a bit unkempt but clearly well-tended, loved and enjoyed.

I'd love to know if any of you readers out there have suggestions for East Village living - from nail spots coffee shops!


  1. Enjoy your new place!! My hubby used to live in the area when we met, so I can definitely recommend a few spots.
    One of my fav summer spots there is : "Esperanto"
    great brunch and I loved going there for dinner as well. If I remember correctly, they had pretty good mojitos.
    St. Marks has so many great restaurants:
    My fav. is Yaffa, perfect for a nightcap or just some coffee. The garden space is a big plus!
    My absolutely favorite dinner spot there is "Paprika" great atmosphere and food.
    There is also a little hole in the wall, but the food as I remember was great. Name of the restaurant is : "Sigiri", it's shri-lankan food and BYOB. The rice dish is awesome!!
    There are plenty more on St.Marks place, the ones above are just the first ones that come to mind. Hope it helps :)

  2. Quick spots you must check:
    Quintessence ($$ raw spot on 11th)
    Lula's Sweet Apothecary (ice cream summer dreams)

    There's an infinite number of ace spots in AC/EV. Happy hunting!

  3. Enjoy your new place!

  4. I've lived in the east village for a few years now and here is what I have discovered:

    best nail spot:
    Galleria nails. A little bit pricey but they treat it like a spa, it lasts a long time, they give great massages and always remember you!

    ciao for now
    esperanto (cheap brunch and drink deal!)
    back 40
    v bar
    goat town
    tompkins square bagels

    in vino on 4th
    gruppo for amazing pizza
    lil frankies or supper
    mercadito for tacos
    westville east (always a line though)
    7A for late late late night diner food at 4am :)

    also wacky wok and hot kitchen are great chinese take out/noodle options, 9th street espresso is the best coffee, spin city is the best place to take your laundry, and for amazing cocktails in a fancier spot go to summit bar on avenue c!

  5. If you're into coffee and espresso, you must try Abraco!! It's on 7th st near 1st ave, a tiny storefront (although there's often a line outside the door). One of the absolute best lattes in the city, and they have delightful olive oil cake.

    If you need a local hair salon too, I highly recommend Parlor on 6th + Ave B. It's so serene and calming, and everyone is super nice!

    Also, Edi and the Wolf. Fab restaurant.

  6. omg! that brick wall is to die for! i love luke's lobster and big gay ice cream shop! oh, and def the Smith for brunch. enjoy your new place!

  7. I would love to be in NYC! I visited a few months ago and loveee it!

  8. Welcome to the neighborhood!

    Italian at Max at A & 4th - great outdoor space
    Cocktails at Elsa on 2nd btw B & C
    Summit Bar on C
    Take out from Terminal Thai
    Pizza Motorino
    Take out pizza from 11B
    Shopping at Think Closet on 9th between 1st & 2nd
    Coffee at 9th Street Espresso
    Burgers at Royale on C
    Creative Little Garden on 6th btw A & B
    Late night food at Sidewalk Cafe
    Mexican at Fonda B & 2nd
    Bahn Mi at Bahn Mi Zon at 6th & A
    Cupcakes at Butter Lane 6th btw 1st & A
    Pudding at Puddin'on St. Marks
    Ice cream at Lula's 6th btw A & B
    Manicure at Top A Nails 9th & A
    Wine & appetizers at Grape and Grain on 6th btw B & C
    Groceries at Gracefully A & 3rd
    Home Decor at Lancelotti at A & 5th

  9. I liked Fu Sushi in the East Village - it's a BYOB!

  10. Angelica kitchen!!! Veeeegan yummmy food and good atmosphere/people watching.