Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Hamptons adventures} i think we found Grey Gardens...

According to one of my Hamptons companions from last weekend, this is the Grey Gardens house, on Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton. I snapped this picture when we stopped by to have a look (read: lurked around the beautiful, insane mansions).

After a quick Google image search, it definitely seems likely. The trim is the same as in most of the images of it's restoration, with that same beautiful beach-bleached shingling and gorgeously overgrown foliage. Though, I can't find any images that show it from this angle (maybe because there isn't much to see).

Whether this is the famed home of Big and Little Edie or not - it certainly was fun to think so. I had chills as we prowled behind the overgrown bushes and trees - it felt a little magical. I absolutely love the fascinating story behind the house and it's residents, and enjoyed both the original Grey Gardens documentary and the HBO dramatization with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. Did you?

(Side note: wouldn't you just kill to be in that hammock right now?)

The restored house was detailed by New York Cottages & Gardens recently...

Looks like heaven to me. Looking through the gallery and reading the story of the new owners really gives this gorgeous scenery and design so much more character.

[Image credits: Me, and New York Cottages & Gardens.]


  1. That is amazing. If only...


  2. This looks beautiful....ah to dream of living there, or just holidaying there!

  3. I loved that movie too... such a fascinating family! And yes, put me in that hammock right this second, it looks divine!

  4. did you get pictures of my house? Sooo pretty!! xo Elizabeth