Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{celebrating} a year with IFB & ESD!

Just a small sampling of my denim looks over the last year...

It's kind of crazy to say, but I have been blogging about denim over on ESD for a year! This also means I've been blogging (about blogging) over at IFB for a year as well. It's been an interesting and entertaining year to say the least - full of ups and downs, failures and successes, fashion weeks and more pairs of jeans than you could ever imagine.

I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have this job, and I owe such a huge debt of thanks to my boss lady Jennine, the whole IFB team (new and old, here and gone) and eevvvveryyyyone who has read any of these blogs. I'm so appreciative of your support, your friendship, your clicks and your general amazingness. It's a crazy world out here on the Internets and I can't wait to see what's in store for me (and you) next.

[Image credits: Nando, Jennine, Amanda, Chrissie, and Chelsea!]


  1. congrats on such a milestone lady! proud of you and love all your denim embracing ;)

  2. Congrats love! I read all your stuff!

  3. Felicitazones chica!!! Can't wait to see(read!) what the future holds for you!

  4. I know you are very proud of your work at IFB over the last year, but as a reader I haven't been. Whether or not you're aware of Or mean too, the point of view you write from comes off as elitist, privileged and unaware of how life is like for other non white, non wealthy people. It has been your articles over the past Year and a few other things like the whole debacle about the body image post the rediculous way jeninne handled the backlash that has stopped me from reading or participating inthe IFB 'community'.

    I know your writing 'voice' is suppose to be a ditzy, airhead, hahaha super funny but it's really off-putting. I don't think you're a bad person or anything, the way you handled yourself in the body image post comments showed maturity and a willigness to change, it just seems as if you need to have exposure to things ourside your current bubble.

    1. Hi there Anon. I'm glad you don't think I'm a bad person, and I do appreciate your feedback (though it's a bit patronizing and insulting). However, this is my personal blog, and is not the proper place to leave your thoughts regarding my professional work for IFB. If you'd like to offer suggestions or talk further about all that - please comment (WITH your contact information) on the IFB post, or send me an email. By leaving your comment anonymously, you're preventing conversation and growth on both sides. Best, Taylor

    2. ... But this is a post about your working for IFB. Seem like an appropriate place to leave feedback since it's the same topic.

    3. Again, this is not the forum to have any kind of conversation on this topic. Email me and I'd be more than happy to discuss.