Friday, July 6, 2012

the fourth on the roof...

Gang's all here.

Click through for some more rooftop shots from the Fourth of July in Chelsea...

Despite the heat, we had a few rousing rounds of water balloon toss that quickly devolved into an all-out battle, but served to cool everyone down nicely.

Great picture of me, right? I felt like you guys deserved to see that one. Ha.

{PS - I'm not a photographic genius, but I am a wizard with Editing magic, guys. }


  1. this just looks insanely amazing! gorgeous shots and so festive.
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  2. I love that rooftop you get to party on! Looks like a fab time!

  3. Great pics. Seems like it was a lot of fun. I also recently posted my 4th of July pics on my blog.
    And now I want to check out PicMonkey. Recently I've been using Instagram a lot but sometimes I just don't want square photos, or I don't want them to look so edited with the filters.

  4. you are a good editor :) love the photos seem like you had a lot of fun